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What Sets FBR Apart?​

Fenix Battery Recycling (FBR) is the first UK based multi-chemistry battery recycling operation, which provides the infrastructure, resources and research and development needs to offer a complete recycling solution for all battery types.

With clients coming from across UK, Europe and the USA, Fenix Battery recycling are confident we have a solution that can help your organisation, more effectively and efficiently recycle your waste batteries.

We are dedicated to offering a high-quality technology based service designed to make your life easier. 

We specialise in recycling:

  • Lithium Ion, all types, EV and portable.
  • NiMH.
  • NiCad, both wet and dry cell.
  • Alkaline.
  • Lithium Primary.
  • And more…..

From small box through to large articulated lorry collections, we have a solution for your organisation

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Our vision is to be a market leader in waste battery reuse, recycling and recovery and be a significant influencer in the recycling revolution, harvesting resources from yesterday’s waste products to create a circular, pollution free, zero-waste future.

We aim to do this by developing next-generation technologies for battery recycling to improve efficiency, enhance the recovery of raw materials from end-of-life products, reduce carbon emissions and the negative impact of dealing with waste and mining on the planet.

We have a state-of-the-art recycling and shredding plant in Kilwinning, Scotland and we will be expanding sites across the UK to provide production capabilities for all battery types

"Fenix Battery Recycling Ltd are constantly striving to deliver the latest technology for recycling of batteries in this ever evolving market place. Our goal is to continually press the boundaries of technology and innovation to create the most efficient methods for recycling batteries, and creating a more stable and secure supply of valuable resources from recycled materials, for future manufacturing processes"
DAMIAN LAMBKIN, Director of business development

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