Permits & Compliance

At Fenix Battery Recycling, we are committed to operating with the highest standards of environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. Our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship is reflected in our adherence to the regulations set forth by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

Our Permits

We are proud to hold the following permits, all issued by SEPA, that govern our operations:

  • Waste Management Permit: This permit ensures that we manage and process waste materials in accordance with legal requirements, prioritising both environmental protection and public safety.
  • Waste Carriers License: As a licensed waste carrier, we are authorised to transport waste materials safely and responsibly, adhering to all relevant regulations.
  • ABTO Permit (Approved Battery Treatment Operator): This specialised permit allows us to handle and process waste batteries, ensuring that they are treated and recycled in compliance with the highest environmental standards.
  • ABE Permit (Approved Battery Exporter): Our ABE permit enables us to export waste batteries for further treatment and recycling, in line with international agreements and domestic regulations.


Download Our Permits

For your convenience, we have provided downloadable copies of our permits on this page. Simply click on the buttons below to access each document:

These permits are a testament to our commitment to transparency, accountability, and environmental excellence. At Fenix Battery Recycling, we believe in leading by example, and our permits are a reflection of our dedication to sustainable practices.

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