Fenix offers a mix of services, processes and products within the UK and develops partnerships within the UK and beyond with a view to replicating our battery recycling approach across the EU. We will employ a combination of conventional recycling methods in parallel with innovations and continuous research and development to maximise the market value of products from our services and processes to create a sustainable, dynamic and profitable company focused on building the best value and best business to business or business to consumer experience for the recycling marketplace relevant to the ever increasing growth in batteries coming to end of life.



Fenix Battery Recycling’s state of the art shredding and material extraction systems mean we can recycle any type of battery. Fenix will be able to fulfil all of your battery recycling requirements. Fenix’s focus on technology makes our recycling service both cost effective and efficient, and reduces the need for batteries to be exported for recycling in Europe or further afield. Our focus on technology makes our recycling service both cost effective and highly innovative. We work in partnership with leading Universities and research-led SME companies to pilot, scale up and commercialise new processes for the management of end-of-life batteries.



With our strategic logistics partnerships in place across the UK supported by our own fleet of vehicles, we can help with collections large and small. From small portable collections through to larger bulk carriers we are certain we have a solution that can help fulfil your organisations requirements. All drivers and vehicles meet all UK and European legislation and adhere to all ADR requirements.



Fenix is working with its Information Technology partner AnyWaste.Com, who we are working with to develop a world leading waste management booking platform. The new platform, which is in its BETA testing phase, allows waste management and recycling to be managed through a new online booking system. This reduces paperwork and costs while improving efficiency and ensuring that the collection process is fully streamlined. All duty of care paperwork will be managed digitally as part of the process..



We’re leading the way in recycling innovation with our own research and development resources. Our R&D team is led by experts in their fields and work in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities. In partnership with Birmingham University, we have been awarded grant-funding (via Innovate UK’s SMART framework,) to scale up innovative technology for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. We also work in partnership with researchers based at Cambridge University, Imperial College and other world-leading institutions.



We have a wide range of consultancy services, allowing you to find the best compliance fit for your business whilst also being able to self-supply with evidence streams.



We are committed to developing the leaders of tomorrow and have a variety of internships in our research and development, business development and management functions. Fenix will also be supporting the UK government’s national apprenticeship scheme.

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