A new mixed chemistry battery recycling facility will open in October.

Fenix Battery Recycling Ltd is the first facility in the UK to offer on-site recycling for multiple battery types from its state-of-the-art battery shredding and recycling plant in Willenhall, West Midlands.

Alkaline batteries will be recycled from October and within three months the technology will be in place to recycle lithium ion batteries. Fenix expects to recycle 10,000 tonnes of batteries a year increasing to 20,000.

“We will offer cost-effective and efficient battery recycling, dramatically cutting down the need for batteries to be exported to Europe for recycling,” explains Damian Lambkin, Director of Business Development for Fenix Battery Recycling.

“The surge in electric vehicles brings a need for effective lithium ion recycling in the UK and we are confident we will be able to offer this by early next year. Fenix is currently in talks with several battery collectors, producer compliance schemes and recycling companies across the UK to facilitate working partnerships for battery recycling for late 2020 and 2021.”

Fenix will also carry out research into cleaner, greener battery recycling solutions.

The research and development efforts will be led by Fenix’s Director of Technology Dr Athan Fox, who holds a chemistry PhD from Cambridge University. He said: “We will scale up and commercialise technology to tackle recycling challenges, contributing to the creation of a circular economy.”

Fenix’s founders are all experienced in battery, WEEE and hazardous waste collection, recycling, and compliance. Alongside Dr Athan Fox and Damian Lambkin, Fenix was set up by Miles Freeman and Neil Muttock.

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